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Scripture Wall Art ~ Our Review of this Vinyl Wall Decals Company

Scripture Wall Art Logo

This post is a review of the company, Scripture Wall Art.  If you came here to shop for or look at great wall decals and quotes then please feel free to go straight to the catalog by clicking below.

Scripture Wall Art is one of the oldest vinyl wall decals companies out there. One of the first handfuls of wall quote sellers on Amazon, they were in the industry 8 years before wall decal specialty vinyl was even around. However, does that make them one of the best or just one of the oldest?

Let’s take a look together and you can decide for yourself.

However, first let me tell you that I am one of the founders of Scripture Wall Art. Before I took this new venture into I ran the company on a full-time basis. Now I am more in an advisory role as I build this site out as a resource for all consumers of vinyl wall art. Is this a conflict of interest? Well, I don’t think so as long as I am honest about it up front. I am not here to mislead anyone; I am here to provide resources to all. Please read on, and please share comments at the end whether you felt this was a fair review. I will do my best to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The History of Scripture Wall Art

I started the company mostly as a hobby. At the time, I was actually running a very large garden center in North Idaho. That was an exhausting job during the Spring and Summer months; however, being in snow country, we shut down for the winter months. So, I needed a good indoor hobby for those long winter days snowbound in my home.

I had a background in vinyl cutting from a previous business that I had owned ~ MarketQuest Custom Apparel. We did screen printing, embroidery, and tons of uniforms. Cut vinyl is what most companies use for names and numbers on the back of uniforms.Aliens For Peace Wall Sticker

So I had experience cutting, weeding, and applying vinyl.

I bought an inexpensive vinyl cutter to play around on and started selling decals on Ebay for fun. I had a little decal that I named “Aliens For Peace” that started selling like crazy. It sold for $1 on Ebay with free shipping. After Ebay fees and shipping expense I think I was losing a few cents every time I sold one. Yet, I was having fun and keeping busy.

Eventually, a customer asked me if I could make them a larger decal of a quote for their wall and I said sure. And the rest, as they say, is history. That first quote started my hobby on a new path. The business moved from Ebay to Amazon and started focusing primarily on Christian wall decals.

Soon it grew into a full-time job selling over 10,000 Scripture wall arts a year. The company maintained a near perfect customer service record on Amazon and also became an Ebay Top Seller and Power Seller. As my back was no longer enjoying the garden center industry, I resigned from my position and started working full time in the vinyl decal industry.

Clearly, the business was outgrowing me and an opportunity came for me to take on a partner, Angeline. She worked for me for years at the garden center and I knew it was going to be a great fit. Today, Angeline handles all the day to day operations of Scripture Wall Art which has freed me up to pursue this new direction.

So, Scripture Wall Art has stood the test of time. Over 10 years and still growing at a phenomenal rate.

Product Quality

One of the most important aspects of evaluating a company in any industry is based on the quality of the products they produce. No matter how good a company may be in terms of people, ideas, and intentions if the final product doesn’t meet certain quality standards they simply can’t get a top rating overall. So, let’s look at the quality standards in place at SWA.

There are two primary aspects of producing great quality vinyl wall quotes. The first is the quality of the raw materials that go into the product and the second is how the product is shipped, and the shape it arrives in, to the customer. Other factors like design are very much a personal preference. I, personally, have made plenty of designs that I didn’t like that have sold very well. Conversely, I have made plenty of designs that I was convinced were going to be the next big sellers, that, frankly, never sold at all. So, I don’t think the aesthetic design qualities are as important here as the quality of the materials and the quality of delivery.

Let’s start with the shipping issue.

Many companies fold their wall arts flat when they ship them. This allows them to ship in envelopes and makes the shipping expense extremely low. In fact, a folded wall art can often fit into a standard size envelope and be mailed for fifty cents plus a few cents for the envelope. Companies that do this often charge $4, $5, or even $6 for shipping. This creates a huge profit center for them. However, the wall art can arrive very beaten up to the customer. The folding alone can create creases. These will eventually smooth out but can cause issues applying the wall decal and can delay the application in some cases.

The other issue with a wall quote mailed in an envelope is simply that not all mail arrives in pristine condition. The USPS sorts and bags and routes through automatic machines and simple envelopes can sometimes take a beating. An envelope provides very little protection. While a wall art applied to your wall can pretty much last for the lifetime of the wall, until they are applied, they are fairly delicate.

SWA goes to the extra expense of shipping in specialized mailing tubes that are actually custom-made for them. These tubes allow the wall decal to be rolled rather than folded. The tube is also made from a thick-walled cardboard that provides crush protection for the wall art. This ensures that the wall decal arrives in pristine condition to the customer.

Shipping these tubes can cost close to $3 each. The tubes are also significantly more expensive than envelopes of any size. Yet, SWA only charges around $5 for shipping. By the time you factor in the postage, the tube, and the specialized mailing labels, you can see that this is not designed to be a profit center. It is designed to provide the highest quality product to you.

And on to the quality of the raw materials now…

Not all vinyl is the same. In fact, there are dozens and dozens of types of vinyl. Some of them are designed to last over 12 years outside while others are designed for very short-term use. Some have adhesives that are considered permanent and some temporary. Recently, a few of the vinyl companies started coming out with specialized vinyl for wall decals. This has a medium tack adhesive combined with a matte finish.

Scripture Wall Art utilizes a mid-range outdoor rated vinyl. It is considered a 6yr Outdoor vinyl and has near permanent adhesion on a vehicle but is easily removable from interior walls.

Black Sign Vinyl

Why not the specialized wall decal vinyl? Good question.

SWA looked at the wall vinyl very closely. It is a good quality product that serves the wall decal industry very well. Yet, after a lot of consideration and feedback from customers, they stayed with the standard sign vinyl for the following reasons

1. Uniformity with previous products – sign vinyl is typically a glossy finish and the wall vinyl is a matte finish. The customers at SWA were clear in wanting the glossy finish. When looking a large sheet of vinyl the glossy seems like it may be this ugly image on the wall. However, when cut into the delicate designs of a wall quote, it actually catches the light better.

2. Better adhesion – many of the wall decals SWA sells don’t get applied to traditional walls. Many of them go onto mirrors and windows and even onto the insides of a bathtub or shower stall. Wall vinyl doesn’t hold up in these environments nearly as well. Also, many wall decals do get installed outside on vehicles. Wall vinyl will not hold up in that scenario at all. Sign vinyl will go right through a car wash with no issues where wall vinyl will most likely come right off.  This Rub A Dub Dub wall quote is very popular for bathtubs.

Bathroom Wall Decal

SWA determined the staying with one very tired and true product was better than offering multiple types of vinyl or switching to one that was not nearly as versatile. There are many sign companies that have started making wall quotes to even out their business cycles. Unfortunately, they stock many types of vinyl and sometimes use whatever is on their machines or something they have too much of. In one case, we talked to a customer who had found out too late that their wall decal had been made on security vinyl. When they went to remove it, it removed all the paint underneath it.

So, only you can decide here what is the best vinyl option for you. If you want a quote made out of wall vinyl, then Scripture Wall Art will not be the company for you. That is part of the reason I will be featuring more and more companies here. I want to help you find the best wall art company for you.

So, maybe a rating here of 4.5 stars since there are some who prefer wall vinyl.

Now, let’s take a look at…

Color Options

Vinyl comes in dozens of colors. You can get almost any shade of any color you could want. From blues to reds to yellows to metallics, and every color in between, there are many options. That is why SWA offers only black.

Huh? Only Black? That can’t be right.

Well, yes, it is. Back in the day, we used to offer colors. Unfortunately, when customers order red, some of them are thinking fire engine red, some are thinking crimson red, and some more of an orange-red. This created many disappointed customers. To get around this many companies show color samples on their websites. Unfortunately, not everyone’s monitors show colors the same. On my main monitor, I have the blue light filter turned on. This reduces eye strain but changes the color tints. If I tried to select a color in this mode, I would see something different than if I turned the blue light filter off.

Many Colors of Vinyl

When the Model T started rolling off the assembly line it is said the Henry Ford said you could have one in any color you wanted, as long as that color was black.

Henry Ford Quote

By standardizing on black only, the customer satisfaction actually went up for SWA. Black goes with everything and never clashes. It has a classy look and feel.

However, many other great wall decal companies offer the full spectrum of color options. If I was giving star ratings for each of these factors, SWA would get maybe a 3-star rating out of 5 in the category of color options. 3 stars because black was always the most popular color but offers no choices.

Order Processing

One thing that has always been important for online sellers is order processing speed. In America, when we decide we want something, we want it now. We have come to expect instant gratification. We could debate the merits of that, but this isn’t the place for a philosophical debate. Let’s just agree, that timely order processing is important.

SWA produces and ships most of their orders the same business day as the order comes in. Often times, when a person orders a wall quote at one in the morning, that wall art is heading to the post office at ten am. That is lightning fast and something the past customers of Scripture Wall Art rave about. On Amazon, customers have commented that their orders from SWA arrive faster than their Prime orders. Angeline who is in charge of all the production and shipping takes great pride in that.

Lightning Fast Delivery

I remember one customer who ordered a wall art aroun9 am on a Monday. We completely blew her away when it was in her mailbox on Tuesday. That is about as close to instant gratification as you can get when ordering online.

As far as other wall decal companies go, it varies with each one as to how fast they process orders. Most of them tell you clearly on their websites what to expect. Some of them are just as fast as SWA and some take 3 to 4 days to process orders. There isn’t really a right answer here but in general, most customers prefer to receive their items as fast as possible.

SWA gets 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Product Guarantees

Let’s just say here that SWA gets 5 stars out of 5 stars. They introduced the “Goof Proof Guarantee” several years ago. It basically says you can return your wall decal and receive a full refund for absolutely any reason. Your dog ate it? Covered. You installed it crooked? Covered. Changed your mind? Covered. Any reason at all with no hassle at all. I don’t know of any other company that stands behind their products like that.

Dog Eating Wall Decal

Let’s Wrap This Up

So, hopefully, you found this review to be fair and honest. I am being as unbiased as possible considering I am biased. However, Scripture Wall Art will not be the right company for everyone and that is OK. This site brings you great wall decals from a variety of companies. I want to help you find exactly what want from a company that best meets your needs. For many of you, Scripture Wall Art will be that company, for many, it won’t be.

Thanks so much for reading. I would sure love some comments below with any thoughts or questions.

Before you leave, make sure to take a peek at the product catalog to see a great selection of some great vinyl wall decals. Just click the button below.


If you have questions about installing a vinyl wall decal, check out our installation article by clicking —>HERE<—



This Post Has 8 Comments
  1. Thanks for the honest review! I cant believe SWA is able to turn over an order that quickly on something that is cut to order. Thats truly amazing!

    1. Thanks Matthew.

      That is the power of a truly amazing partner. What is even more amazing is that she works out of a mobile production office also known as her RV. I usually don’t even know where in the US she is. She just parks somewhere and works and drives somewhere new.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love vinyl art, and mobile artists. What a great company. And you cant go wrong with a Goof Proof guarantee! Thanks for the insights!

    1. Thanks Tam,

      Vinyl Wall Arts are a lot of fun and a great way to decorate. Thanks so much for coming by. Make sure to check back often as we add new products daily.


  3. Hi Kevin,
    I enjoyed reading your review and how you started your company, it is a great and inspirational history.
    I can see how important is customer satisfaction to SWA, starting with the high quality of your products, the “only black” alternative, the super fast shipping and the “Goof Proof Guarantee”, what a great company!
    I am sure all these factors are surely influencing the success of your company.
    PS: I love your Vinyl Wall Quotes, what a cool concept, I absolutely love your site!

    1. Hi Martha, Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to our site and that you enjoyed the wall quotes. Please come back by often and check out the new design that we put in the catalog nearly every day.


  4. Hello Kevin, thanks for this wonderful review. I have never considered a wall decal until I came to your website. I have look around, and saw some awesome decals I may purchase. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!!

    1. Thanks so much Ahmad. I am very glad you enjoyed the site and learned some great information about how to use vinyl wall decals. Come back often as we are adding new designs daily.


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