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Removable Vinyl Wall Decals ???

I often hear the question of whether these are removable vinyl wall decals. It is a loaded question for many reasons. While the simple answer to the question is YES and they remove quite easily. However, that isn’t the question most people are really asking. What you are probably wondering is whether they are easily removable without leaving any trace behind or damage to the original surface they were applied to. That question is much more complicated. The first thing we need to know is…

What are Vinyl Wall Decals made to adhere to?

Vinyl wall decals are made out of sign vinyl. Sign vinyl is made to adhere to many substrates such as glass, metal, wood, plastic, etc. And it is made to adhere to those surfaces basically forever. On a normal wall, once applied a vinyl wall art will last almost forever. I have one in my home was put up over a decade ago and looks the same as the day it was applied. Yet, those wall decals will come off with some moderate effort. So, the wall arts are made to adhere. Yet, each surface they adhere to has its own unique properties. Those properties are what determines how well the decal adheres. So, yes, these are removable vinyl wall decals, but…

Your walls have unique properties.

Removable Vinyl Wall Decals Proverbs 31 Bible Verse Wall Decal

Proverbs 31 Vinyl Decal by Scripture Wall Art

Your walls are different from your neighbors. You decorated your home with high-quality premium paint and they used budget paint. Maybe you keep a humidifier going for a baby most of the time and your neighbor uses a dehumidifier for health reasons. Even between the rooms of your house, your walls are different. In your kitchen, you might be using a glossy paint that is extremely easy to clean but in your living room, you may have opted for a flat paint that has no shine. Both those paints will react differently. Maybe in part of your home, you heat with a wood stove and other places you use electric heat. Those two type of heat sources will affect your walls.

And there’s more. The type of cooking you do, whether you are a smoker, whether you live in a cold climate or a warm climate, and even how often you are in a particular room can all affect the properties of your walls. And each property affects how well your wall decals adhere and thus how easy or hard it is to remove them. So, you really need to know that…

Damage does occur

I have installed hundreds of wall arts through the years. And yes, that means I have removed hundreds of them as well. I can tell you with no hesitation that the longer a wall art is on your wall, the harder it is to remove. Yet, I see companies all the time talking about how easy the wall arts to remove and how they do not damage walls. Sorry folks, but they are lying to you to make a statement that universal. At the wall art company I originally founded, Scripture Wall Art, one of my designers used to list the products online stating that were easily removable. I had to go back and edit that back out of each listing as good as I could. I am sure with over 1000 designs that some of them still make that statement. We wanted our listings to be completely honest.

Laundry Room Wall Decal

A Fun Vinyl Decal for Walls or Washing Machines

The damage we are most likely talking about here is small flecks of paint being removed when the decal is removed. On removable vinyl wall decals that have been up for years, this is simply inevitable. I don’t care what removal technique you use or how careful you are, it almost always happens. Much the time it is so slight that you may not notice, other times it may remove the paint in a large piece that is impossible not to notice. In my case, I have all the paints I have ever used in my house. A quick touch up only takes a few moments and is never a big deal. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be a big deal for you either.

But they said these are removable vinyl wall decals.

There may have even been instructions that came with your wall are on how to remove it. I am sure they are all valid techniques but I have tried them all and none of them are foolproof.

Basically, you have to peel each letter off. This doesn’t take long and is quite easy to do. But it can still remove paint.

The safest way to remove a vinyl wall art is to warm the vinyl before attempting to remove it. This is easily done with a hairdryer and can truly minimize any potential damage. Just warm up a letter, snag a corner, and slowly peel it back. Slow and easy is the key here.

Please notes also, that removable does NOT mean reusable. Once removed a wall art is done and can not be re-used.

But don’t worry

Removable vinyl wall decals can be removed in most cases with “minimal damage”. Most companies won’t tell you that upfront. They will simply call them removable and leave it at that. After all, they aren’t saying that no damage will occur. Hmm, still seems deceptive to me. When someone deceives me in one way, I always wonder what else they are deceiving me on. That’s why this site exists. To share honest information about vinyl wall decals that have become so incredibly popular.

Just find a highly reputable company such as Scripture Wall Art to purchase from and you will get honest information and a high-quality product. Vinyl wall decals are an easy and fun way to decorate and should be included in your decorating repertoire.

As always, if you have questions, just comment below or send me an email. I will do my good to get you an answer so that you can buy, install, and enjoy a removable vinyl wall decal with no stress.

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