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Motivational Wall Art

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As I have discussed in the past, vinyl wall decals come in countless variations. Each one is really a piece of artwork and as such even the same basic design can take on different feelings when created by different designers. Motivational wall art is one of these categories that is growing in popularity. They are popular in gyms, home workout rooms, corporate settings, home offices, schools, and even in homes where sometimes you need that extra bit of focus.

One of my favorite motivational quotes comes from the second Rocky movie. It is a scene where Apollo’s trainer is trying to talk him out of a rematch with Rocky. The trainer looks at Apollo and says,

“I saw you beat that man like I never saw no man get beat before, and the man kept coming.”

That quote reminds me that no matter what circumstances life throws at me, no matter how much I feel like I have been completely beaten down, no matter how rough things are, that all that really matters is that “I keep going” headfirst right into the fire of life. Leave a comment below with your favorite motivational quote.

Motivational decals also tend to use a different selection of fonts than most other quotes. Edgy fonts that are more contemporary seem to fit the words better than flowing scripts. So these wall arts have a very different feel aesthetically as well.

Wall Decals in the Corporate Setting

Motivation in the workplace is a huge deal. Surrounding employees with positive messages that encourage and build them up can be the difference between a successful company and a failing one. Encouraging teamwork can help build the collaborative efforts of groups and can have a significant impact on Teamwork Makes The Dream Work Motivational Wall Artproductivity and innovation. Motivational wall art is one way to keep those positive messages in front of your teams. Meeting rooms, common areas, and even hallways are great places to put these team building messages.


Individuals also need that encouragement and motivation. Teams can often create their own momentum but individuals need to drive themselves and maintain their focus individually. Motivational messages can help and act as silent coaches when supervisors or team leaders aren’t there to encourage. Many a great idea has come after a simple word of encouragement.

Vinyl Wall Decal ~ You Are Awesome

Motivational Wall Art at Home

Let’s be honest. We all need that little word of encouragement occasionally. After a bad day at work, a frustrating day at school, or even just a plain old blah day, the right message can really help end the day on the right note. Sure, we always want to be there to offer that encouraging word to our kids but being there all the time just isn’t possible in this time-challenged world we all seem to live in. A motivational wall art may be just what your home needs to lift the spirits of the family. A simple message, a simple result, a small investment, a change in attitude that can make a world of difference.

Motivation at School

Schools are a place of fun and learning for many; but, can also be a place of frustration for others. With all the focus these days on bullying and just what appropriate behavior means, motivational wall art can help provide those simple reminders. Schools can utilize these wall decals in hallways, classrooms, gyms, libraries, cafeterias, and even the nurses’ office. These motivational messages could be incorporated into a school assembly program which allows both programs to reinforce the other for synergistic results.

Be The Reason Motivational Wall Decal

At the wall art company I founded long ago, we work with many schools on programs such as these and saw some really positive results. Imagine being to able to change a countless children’s days with an investment that is likely under $20.

Workout Motivation

I can only speak for myself but some days the motivation to workout is very difficult to find. And, even if I find it, the desire to really push myself can also be very elusive. Self-motivation is tough. There are always a million other things that can seem so pressing to distract us from doing our daily exercises. Many of those distractions are very important and that just makes it easier to justify to ourselves to choose them over the gym or treadmill. Working at home you may think that I can always find the time to exercise; but, truth be told, it also means I am always near my office and I often use work to procrastinate other activities such as exercising that I should be doing.

Vinyl Wall Decal ~ Never Give Up ~ Motivational Work Quote

I have many vinyl wall decals scattered around my home. Some of them uplift me, some remind me of the important things in life, and some give me a swift kick in the butt to stay motivated and focused. Each of these is important in their own right but sometimes the motivation to exercise is an area I can really use that extra little (or big) kick in the butt.


Motivational wall art can be of great value in so many ways and areas of our lives. It can actually be an investment into increased productivity in our work lives, more focused exercise routines at home or at the gym, more positive environments at schools, and even in the sanctuary, we call home. The real question is not whether you need motivational wall decals but rather, what message you need to see.

If you would like to see a 4.5-minute video tour of some great Motivational Wall Art watch the following video.

Earlier I shared one of my favorite motivational messages, make sure to leave yours below in the comments section.

Make sure to check out all of our motivational wall art in our store.  Just click the image below.

Linnk to Motivational Wall Art Catalog

This Post Has 6 Comments
  1. Motivational wall art is really important in our daily life. I love it, it can give a huge positive impact.
    and my favorite motivation message is Never stop fighting for what you believe in.
    Thanks a lot
    keep it up

  2. Hey, that is right , they are important, especially motivational quotes are part of our lives, quite often they pop out somewhere – in the book, computer screen, any article I read when I need them, it is funny, at least I can say that from my experience. My would be ‘ we have to give up our own story to find the life’ , I like it because it says , stay present wherever you are.

    1. Very nice Lucy. I have never seen that one but I like the sentiment. I have several in my office that affect me different on different days. I always enjoy having them as working at home makes it difficult some days to find that motivation.

  3. Hello again Kevin. These are some very nice motivational wall art decals. Sometimes, I feel discouraged due to life challenges, and I’m always looking for some motivation to reassure that I can make it in life. These would go nicely on my walls in my house. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!!

    1. Thanks Ahmad, We all need motivation at different times in our lives. We are blessed here to be able to help people find it and to encourage them.

      Check back often for new wall decals.


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