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Comparing Vinyl Wall Art Companies

This article discusses vinyl wall art companies.  If you are looking for our product catalog you can take a peek here.

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Vinyl wall art comes from a myriad of sources these days. You can find it on most major online shopping sites and it can be very difficult sometimes to even know who you are purchasing from. Yet, not all companies offer the same quality products and not all companies stand behind their vinyl wall decals the way others do. It is worth your time to get to know a supplier a bit before you make a purchasing decision. Solid companies ensure your success.

Things to investigate are items such as product differences (vinyl quality), shipping procedures and packaging, and product warranties.

Product Differences in Vinyl Wall Art

Vinyl is not all created the same. While it is true that all sign vinyl is basically the same type of item, it is also true that it comes in dozens of different types. Vinyl is created for the sign industry. Vinyl decals are basically what you see on the side of company cars and trucks and it is what most business signs are made of. It is made to stick on a vehicle and go through a car wash. Some security vinyl uses a permanent adhesive and is almost impossible to get off. Recently we have seen new “wall decal” types of vinyl hitting the market as well.

So of course you want a company that is using “wall decal vinyl” right? Not necessarily. Wall decal vinyl only comes in a matte finish at this time. At Scripture Wall Art I once asked tons of our customers how they would feel about us switching to a matte finish product and the overwhelming response was “no way” and “please don’t”. Also, many companies that have switched to using specific matte wall vinyl have not educated themselves to know that it requires a different type of tape. Matte finish vinyl should not be used with rTac tape even though it is one of the most used tapes out there. The tape that should be used utilizes a different adhesive formula and an increased cost which has led many vendors to brag about using wall vinyl while taking the shortcut on the tape to save a few dollars.

The vinyl that most customer seem to prefer is what I would call an intermediate grade calendared vinyl. For outside use, it has about a six-year life against fading. On your wall, it should last almost indefinitely. If a 12 year rated vinyl is used then the vinyl wall art will adhere too well and is subject to causing damage when it is removed. Conversely, a three year rated vinyl will not adhere well enough and installation will be very difficult. The company I originally founded utilizes a standard 6 year rated vinyl. Over the years, Scripture Wall Art has sold well over 100,000 wall decals and thousands of repeat customers will attest to the quality of the product.

Shipping Procedures and Packaging

You might be wondering how much different a companies shipping materials can make in the finished product. Well, consider shipping 3 glass candles together in a box with no packing material between them. Do you think the odds are very good that those candles would arrive in good shape or would you expect to open a box of broken glass? Packaging and shipping can affect your wall art.

Wall arts tend to be somewhat large and flat. They don’t lend themselves to being shipped in boxes very well simply because the boxes would be very large and expensive to ship. Due to this, many companies simply fold their vinyl wall art so they will fit into a certain size of an envelope. This, of course, creates creases in the finished product. Truthfully, these creases don’t really hurt the decal long term. The lines of the crease will eventually fade away. However, this time varies greatly based on temperatures and humidity. In one test case, the lines were visible for over a month.

Many companies have solved this problem by shipping tubes. A rolled wall art doesn’t end up with creases and the tube is fairly reasonable to ship. Unfortunately, it still costs more to ship a tube than an envelope and a tube costs significantly more than an envelope. So many companies still do not utilize tubes as a way to reduce the costs at the expense of their product quality. The companies that we choose to focus on here at all ship in high-quality packaging that product your investment.

Product Warranties

How well does each company stand behind their product? That really varies. Some companies only commit to your product arriving at your door in what they call “good shape”. Of course, if it is a company that doesn’t even supply the transfer tape you end up with a vinyl wall art that is in “good shape” but you still can’t install it.

In this department, Scripture Wall Art has really led the way in customer satisfaction. They created the “Goof Proof” guarantee. They guarantee EVERYTHING about their products. Everything? Yes, everything. They even guarantee your installation. Most companies would never dream of this. Yet, if you buy from Scripture Wall Art and then install your decal wrong, they will replace it free. Seriously. If they send a perfectly good product all ready to install and you install it crooked, they will replace it. That is an impressive guarantee.

While they started it, other companies have followed suit. Motivations, a company that specializes in motivational wall quotes, also provides a guarantee that covers everything about their product.

Other Things To Consider

Probably the most noticeable difference between companies is simply their designs. Reflected in their work is every designer’s personality. No design is really good or bad, it is just a matter of opinion. No matter who makes it, if you don’t like the look, then it isn’t the right vinyl wall art.

The Sticky Conclusion

Wall arts are not all created equal. Many of them use inferior materials. Often, they are shipped in the way that saves the company money but doesn’t protect your investment. Others may leave you on your own once you get your vinyl wall art. But wait, many companies do use the right materials, do ship properly, and do stand behind their product. Choose a vendor from our pages and you shouldn’t have to worry. While at the time of this writing you will find most products from Scripture Wall Art and Motivations, we are talking with many other companies and reviewing their products. If they make the grade, we will list their products here as well. That way, we do the research for you and you get a great product every time.

Have any thumbs up or thumbs downs about any companies you have used? Let me know in the comments below. We are always looking for customers reviews to help drive this site. Your input is extremely valuable to us.

Thanks so much for reading.


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