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Are you looking for Christian vinyl wall art? Our catalog has two sections that will be interesting to you. Scripture Wall Art is the first and is full of vinyl wall decals that are quoted Scripture with the verse reference. The second is Scripture Based Wall Art which is full of great wall decals that are based on Scripture and Christian thought but do not reference specific Scriptures.

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Do you want to learn more about Christian vinyl wall art? Then just keep reading.

Two Primary Categories of Christian Vinyl Wall Art

The first category is direct Scripture referenced Christian wall art. These are direct quotes with no variation from the Biblical texts. Of course, there are many Bible translations available so you may find several wording variations of the same Scripture. Most of the Scriptural wall decals out there are from the New International Versions. However, the New King James Version and the King James Version are also well represented.

Jude 24-25 Christian Vinyl Wall Art                          Jude 24-25 Christian inspirational Wall Decor

The second category is Scripture-based vinyl wall decals. This category includes a wide range of quotes that come from great Christian thinkers, general Christian thought, and Biblical teachings. There are wide arrays of choices in this category and I am sure you will countless options that your life. They will all look fabulous on your walls.

Of course, there are many subcategories in each of these larger categories. In the Bible verse wall decal category, you, of course, have a sub-category for each book of the Bible. So 66 categories right there. You can also narrow it down by topic. Maybe you are looking for a wall art of prayer, or thanksgiving, or faith.

Genesis 1:1 Wall Decor                      Revelation 3:20 Inspirational Bible Verse Wall Decals

In the Scripture-themed Christian vinyl wall art, there are also many sub-categories. You may want one that teaches family values, encourages someone, or provides a daily smile with some humor.

Our God is an Awesome God Wall Decal                    Rush Hour Funny Wall Decal

What is your Purpose?

Christian vinyl wall decals are very popular for many uses. The most popular use would simply be in the home. These wall decals make your walls come alive and speak. With a beautiful picture with a message incorporated on it, the picture often becomes the focal points. With vinyl wall decor, the quote is the focal point. This provides a single clear message every time you see it. Therefore, vinyl wall art provides a more focused message. In the examples below, which provides the clearest message? Many people find that first one sort of becomes a pretty picture and loses its message value over time.

vinyl christian quotes                                  Zechariah 2:5 Scripture Wall Decal

Perhaps you are looking for a wall quote to inspire you each day as you head out into the world. Maybe you have been through a lot lately and you need to be encouraged each morning to face the day. Or could it be that while we all get bombarded with millions of messages a day, you just need focused before closing your eyes for the night?

Christian Vinyl Wall Art Isaiah


Of course, you could be looking for something for the office. While many offices frown on displays of religious nature, a great many still not only allow it but encourage it. Especially in a Christian based company such as Scripture Wall Art. Obviously, when your company’s primary purpose is the production of Scripture Wall Decals there are examples on the walls everywhere. However, Biblical principles and practices drive many companies today.

Perhaps the purpose you are working on is church-related. You may want a giant wall art in the foyer of the church welcoming people with popular Scripture.  This giant-sized wall decals measures in at nearly 30 inches wide and 60 inches tall.

Giant Sized Vinyl Wall Decor

Maybe the youth group room needs sprucing up and wall decals would be just the thing. You could even have the kids pick which wall decals they wanted so that the messages would be that much more personal.

Jesus Wall Decal

Christian Wall Decals in Spanish

Of course, Christian wall art also comes in Spanish.  In fact, many of the best sellers are Spanish.  Here are several examples…

Christian Vinyl Wall Art as a Gift.

Wall decals make an awesome gift. While they are incredibly popular and growing in use daily, countless people do not even realize what they are. Being in this industry for more than ten years now, I have heard from countless customers. This gift is always appreciated. I have even heard from the people that received them. Many of these people went to great lengths to find out where their gift came from just so that they could send us a thank-you note. They speak about how the wall quote touches them every day.

Scripture wall art or Scripture-based wall art both make fabulous gifts for Pastors or Pastors Wives. We always see a spike in sales during Pastor Appreciation Month which is in October each year. Pastor Appreciation Day is the second Sunday in October. Think about using a vinyl wall decal for your next Pastor Appreciation gift and I am sure it will be loved and appreciated.

What’s On Your Walls?

No, not what’s in your wallet. What’s on your walls? Do your walls encourage you daily with inspirational messages? Do they focus you on what’s important, give you the strength to face the day, or make you smile? Then do something about it now.

What was the last gift you gave to someone? Was it unique? Is it seen and appreciated daily? With a vinyl wall decal, you are almost guaranteed to give an incredibly appreciated gift. Great for a pastor, a loved one, or even a wonderful housewarming gift.

If not, it is definitely time for a few vinyl wall art decals. They are so incredibly easy to apply. Not to mention how affordable they are. Oops, I guess I just did.

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Do you have comments, and we just love your comments, leave them below. Do you have a favorite Christian vinyl wall art? Let us know what it is in the comments section.

As always, thanks so much for reading.


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    1. Thanks so much Patrick. We strive to have a great selection and we add more all the time. We appreciating you visiting our site. Come back often as we add new wall decals all the time.


  1. Great decals, Kevin! As a born-again Christian, I have a number of verses on my walls at home. I love wall decals, and these would make great additions.

  2. It can be good many times to read such quotes on wall, to make remind of true things frequently.
    It can be good for us as well, if we would be able to own our house someday )

  3. This is an interesting post for me. My walls has nothing on them, just some family pictures hanging on them. Maybe I should decorate some bigger empty space walls with vinyl wall quote.

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