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Cheap Wall Decals

Cheap Wall Decals Article

I often get asked about cheap wall decals and what the difference is between cheap versus expensive ones. It is actually a rather difficult question to answer without getting some clarification. It also can open a can of worms for a lot of companies as it is a very hot topic at a time when you start talking about overseas companies making “knock-off” wall decals and flooding the market with them.

So, Just What Are Cheap Wall Decals To You

The first question we need to know is what does the word “cheap” refer to. Are we talking about a cheap price? Or maybe a cheaply made product? Are you looking for a quality product but at a great price or do you want a not so good product at a ridiculously low price?

For let’s look at the quality issue. You can buy cheap wall decals at the dollar stores. However, this is the lowest quality product available. It is normally a clear piece of plastic vinyl with something printed on it. You take the whole thing and slap it on your wall. Then you see the print but also the big square of vinyl as well. You could save some money by taking a piece of plastic wrap, drawing on it with some markers, and then slap the whole thing on your wall. This is an available product but not the type of item you will find on this site from any of our friends.

On our site, we are talking about sign vinyl that is cut professionally into a design and applied to the wall in such a way that when you are finished it appears hand painted on your wall. Each component is actually individually cut out…each letter actually individual. However, you install it as one piece so everything looks perfect when you are done.

So, we won’t concern our selves with the Dollar Store variety but rather the professional cut sign vinyl decals. On these products, there can be quite a range of prices for what may appear to be the same basic product. Yet, there are many variables besides size that can impact price. For example, the number of the letter “o” can increase the price of a wall decal. Why? Well, a person has to pick out the inner circle of every one of those “O’s” before it is shipped. So there is much labor in it that a simple design like a bunch of circles. Still, even a very similar design from two different companies can vary greatly in price. A typical wall art that is 12′ by 22′ might run anywhere from $10 to $30. Honestly, this is just the difference in companies more than anything.

For some people, $10 to $30 may both be considered cheap wall decals. To others that may sound expensive. However, wall decals price below $10 (product and shipping combined) are usually not a good value. The simple truth it that is no real way to lower costs than the competition very much. Yes, there are discounts that suppliers get buying in bulk and such but those would only account for a price difference of maybe 10 cents on a wall decal. Typically, if a wall art is priced too cheap, the company making it is taking major shortcuts and the product is probably not worth buying.

The Foreign Invasion

Over the past few years, we have seen foreign companies, mostly in the China area, flood marketplaces like Amazon with cheap wall decals. Typically, the company goes onto another seller’s product and offers the same thing at a ridiculous price… sometimes $2 to $3.

First off, this is typically illegal. Virtually all wall arts are copyrighted the moment they are designed. It is a violation of international copyright laws for them to make that design. However, they can usually get away with it long enough to make some money before they get kicked off. Because the design is a copy of a picture on Amazon it is a tracing of the product and will never be cut as sharp and neat as the original. Right there your product quality is going way down. To further reduce costs, these companies are notorious for not installing or including the transfer paper. This makes the wall art almost impossible to install. These ultra-cheap wall decals are NEVER a good idea. If it sounds to be good to be true, it isn’t.

And don’t forget, if you buy the foreign version, you have wait 3 weeks to a month to get your product. US companies are required by Amazon to ship within two business days and you usually have the product with a week. At Scripture Wall Art, they ship most orders on the same day they are placed and the product often arrives within two to three days. We used to joke about it, but in many cases, we were much faster than Amazon Prime.

Just Where Are You Buying From

Each online marketplace that sells wall decals has its own set of rules and policies. This makes each seller modify their selling practices to fit the rules and also sometimes the clientele of each marketplace they sell on.

One example of this that always confuses me is the difference between Amazon and EBay. For a period of time, EBay seller’s were incentivized to sell with free shipping. Their listing would rank higher and be seen by more people and so they would sell more. Amazon at this time wasn’t focused on the free shipping mode. I tested both sites countless times trying to find the magic pricing formula. Each site was so different regarding what people expected that I had to create completely different strategies for each.

On EBay, the customers ALMOST ALWAYS choose an item with free shipping over one that has a shipping charge. This is true even when the overall price is lower on the one with shipping. Seriously, if you list a wall decal on EBay for $!5 with Free shipping and then list the same wall decal for $9 with $3.50 shipping, the free shipping one will outsell the other by 3 to one. Yet, the other one is only $12.50 On Amazon, that will not work. Even though Amazon shows typically only the price and not the shipping rate on the first page of the products, consumers on Amazon always seem to check and determine which is the best way to buy something.
So what looks cheap on one site, may not actually be cheap as one may be quoted with shipping and one without.

Buyer Beware?

Not anymore. is here to help. We love these products and we want to see more people utilize them. Vinyl Wall Decals is here to provide you with the information you need to make quality decisions. We screen our vendors, their products, and their pricing to make sure they are offering a value we feel good about recommending.

Cheap is cheap is cheap is cheap

Cheap wall decals are seldom a very good idea. Stay above that $10 range and don’t be afraid to spend upwards to $60 or more on very large designs. Please remember that we choose our items and vendors on this site individually. We pick them based on the combination of quality and pricing they offer. If you ever click on one of our links to buy a product, we want you to be very satisfied with your purchase.

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