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Vinyl Wall Decals & Kev-dogg’s Story

I have been in the Vinyl Wall Decals business since before it really was a business. Over 12 years ago I started making small car decals for people really as just a hobby. Then one day a customer asked if I could make a quote that could go on a wall. And there it was, my hobby took a whole new direction. It was 8 years later before the vinyl industry caught on to this new market.  Then, they started creating new types of vinyl specifically for the wall decal business. This hobby of mine had slowly grown into a full-time business in a new industry that has steadily grown since.


Most People Do Not Understand This Product

While sales have grown consistently, I found the vast majority of consumers do not understand vinyl wall decals. So, now my hobby has taken a new direction ~ to help people understand and use this product. It doesn’t matter if you have never used a vinyl wall decal before or have installed dozens. I am sure I can share tips and ideas you have never thought of. I am not some vinyl wall decal genius. It’s just that I have received countless questions from amazing customers. Many of them have pushed the edges of using these products in new and interesting ways. I have become a repository of sorts for all these fun and unique uses.

Now it’s time to share…

My Goals For This Site

My goals are simple here. I want to share all this information I have accumulated over the years to YOU.  Through education, I want to help you understand Vinyl Wall Decals (I call them Vinyl Wall Arts.) Plus, I want to make sure your experience with them is 100% positive no matter what your use is.  Lastly, I want to share new ways to use vinyl wall art that most people have never thought of.

My primary sponsor of this site is Scripture Wall Art. The very company I founded many years ago before taking this new direction. Scripture Wall Art is the leader in the wall art industry.  They have stayed at the forefront of this market since it’s inception. However, there are many great wall art are companies out there now. I will showcase many of them as this journey progresses.

This site is fundamentally about sharing. Sharing the amazing products from many amazing wall decal companies. Offering tips from the experiences of thousands of installs. And illustrating amazing ideas on how to use vinyl wall decals. I hope you will share this journey with me.

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