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4 Awesome Elvis Presley Wall Decals!

We looked for Elvis Presley wall decals and found they are not the easiest to find. I am sure you agree that Elvis was and is an American icon. He shaped the music not only of his time but all time since. His sound, his moves, his style are still emulated today by tribute artists around the world. Yet, Elvis Presley decals are a little trickier to find than other subject matter.

Of course, that is why our site exists: to find the most amazing wall decals out there. We scour the web looking for the best-selling, the most unusual, the rarest, the cutest, and more. We want to be your source for all your vinyl wall decals so we need to make sure we have what you want.

It isn’t that there isn’t plenty of Elvis wall decor out there. There certainly is. We just haven’t been able to find much in the wall decal category by comparison. Wall decals give that appearance of a hand-painted piece of artwork on your wall. They stand out in the world of decor as unique. And Elvis Presley wall decals aren’t just for the man cave.  These wall arts are great in a music room, rec room, or even the living room.  So, we went looking and found some nice options for you.

Elvis Profile Wall Decals

It is amazing to me how iconic the face of Elvis is. I know so many younger people who can’t name an Elvis song but can pick his face out of a lineup. Everyone seems to know that signature look. That is what makes these wall decals so very nice for the right spot in your home or office.

I think this one is my favorite. Must be because of the way it appears he is just looking right at me. It makes it more personal. I also like the expression on his face. It is just iconic Elvis to me.

Elvis Preseley Vinyl Wall Art - Portrait

Here is another option that I also like, just not as much as the previous one. Yet, I can see why this would be someone’s favorite. The “Elvis” hair flip on his forehead is much more pronounced on this one giving it a bit more pizzazz. He also has a completely different look on his face than in the other one.

Elvis Presley Bust Wall Decal

Which of these two Elvis Presley wall decals do you prefer?

Did you know that Elvis’ first #1 hit was Heartbreak Hotel? What a classic song that never faded from his repertoire. So many artists first hits don’t stand the test of time even when the artist does, but clearly with Elvis that just wasn’t the case.

Singing Elvis Wall Art

There was something about the way Elvis swung his hips that made completely unforgettable. It also drove the girls wild. The hip swing combined with his bent knees make this performing Elvis wall decal immediately recognizable. YouTube is flooded with amateurs trying their best to recreate some of Elvis’ signature moves. From his pelvic thrust to one knee serenade, he had many classics. Yet somehow, this pose is immediately more recognizable than most.

Elvis Presley Wall Decals - full size

We found two of these Elvis Presley wall decals.  One of them is about 11 inches tall and the other is about 32 inches tall.

Did you know that the first song Elvis recorded after he started his divorce with Priscella was…you guessed it, Separate Ways.

Elvis Presley Wall Decals Quotes

Two quotes immediately come to mind when thinking of Elvis. One is his famous “Thank you, thank you very much” The other is “Elvis has left the building.” We couldn’t find the first one but we did find this nice version of the second.

Elvis Presely Vinyl Wall Decal

There is a story behind this quote if you are unaware of how it originated. In the entire career of Elvis, he never once performed an encore it is said. Yet, encores were the standard part of most performers shows at the time. Elvis always performed his full set and just included the big finish in the planned performance. Crowds at Elvis’ concerts would stay and chant after his shows hoping that they may persuade the King to perform another song. At one particular show the crowd stayed so long that eventually, someone had to come on stage and say “Elvis has left the building” to get the fans to go home. The line just stuck and still today is a recognized line by many generations.

Just for fun, did you know that Elvis was related to two US Presidents? That’s right. He was related to Abraham Lincoln and to Jimmy Carter. Now those are some impressive roots. However, Elvis received a special honor from a different President when President Nixon gave Elvis Presley a special agent badge for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Elvis had a collection of Police Badges but had always a Federal Badge. Nixon presented it to him as a gift for his collection.

The Encore

I gotta say that I am getting all shook up about ending this article. Oops, sorry, that was pretty bad.

Elvis is an American icon that may just deserve a special place on one of your walls. These Elvis Presley wall decals can add a touch of the past to a music room, a man cave, a bar, or almost any room in the house. Whether you prefer the face shots or the standing performing Elvis, they are all sure to please.

I am 99% sure the first Elvis face shot has a place of honor in my man cave and may also work in the performing one as well. The only problem is that my man cave has been in the planning stage for nearly 8 years now…

Make sure to take a peek at our entire catalog of wall art. Not only will you find Elvis in their but I am pretty sure you will also find a special appearance by Rocky, James Dean, and even Albert Einstein. Just click on the take a peek link below.

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  1. My first choice is “Elvis has left the building”.

    I enjoy that quote and would like it in my office, because I have a tendency of leaving rooms inside my house in the middle of conversations to jet to my office. I can hear the rest of the conversation, but I normally need to do something right away before I lose my train of thought.

    My fiance normally responds, “I guess I’m talking to myself.” I would like that as a button to give to him for Christmas or his birthday LOL.

  2. I think the swinging hips decal (is that the right term?) is a better one, just seems more stylish and of course iconic.
    That’s not to say the other’s aren’t of course. I didn’t know he was related to Lincoln and Carter! Thanks for the great info!

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