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19 Reasons to Use Decorative Vinyl Wall Decals

You have probably heard about the incredible popularity of decorative vinyl wall decals. They are popping up just about everywhere from the hallways of businesses to the sanctity of a yoga workout room to the family photo wall in the hallway and everywhere in between. So, just why are they so popular?

Personally, I have always really enjoyed the value they have added to my home and workplace (home office). For me, they are reminders, motivators, and educators. So they are a very valuable addition to my home. Yet, to you, they may have an entirely different purpose. Through over a decade in the industry, I have talked with countless customers who have shared their stories about why they purchased a particular wall decal, what their goal was, and, possibly most importantly, how the decal met their needs. So, I have a lot of great customer feedback as well.

Do you have vinyl wall art now? Why? Maybe you are new to this and are wondering why you would want some. Perhaps you are looking for new ways to use wall art. Possibly you are just curious about why all the “cool kids” are buying these items as fast as they can be produced. So keep reading to discover 19 reasons people love wall quotes.

Finally, here is the summary list of the best reasons that real people use these affordable decorating options

1. Beautiful: Decorative Vinyl Wall Decals are simply beautiful. Beauty is added wherever they are applied. They can revitalize a room for a minimal investment. Therefore, they make a great investment in your living space.

2. Originality: Wall Decals come in almost limitless designs. Even if your friends have several, yours will likely be unique. In this case, the wording on these two wall arts is the same but they have a different feel and personality. So, you can find exactly what suits your tastes.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work Motivational Wall DecalMotivational Quote Wall Decal


3. Customization: Many companies that produce these decals are happy to create custom designs just for you. Often, these cost the same. Maybe your grandfather had a favorite statement he made and you want to immortalize that on your walls. A wall decal is a great way to do just that. In this case, a Proverbs 31:25 wall decal is customized with a name to make it incredibly personal. Consequently, you get a true one of a kind wall quote.

Vinyl Wall Decor ~ Proverbs 31:25

4. Flexibility: Decorative vinyl wall decals are used in a variety of ways. They can go on walls, mirrors, windows, cars, furniture, ceilings, floors, inside, outside, and adhere to almost any flat surface. They can even be cut apart and the pieces are used to create a new design altogether that is uniquely yours. This wall art started as a regular design and found its way to the risers of a stairway. In this other photo, the wall decal was utilized as a stencil and then removed creating a true painted-on piece of art without the need for much artistic talent.

Perfect for a guy like me famous his stick cows in Pictionary.Vinyl DecalWall Art










5. Professional: A vinyl wall quote on your wall will look like it is hand painted on. Many of your friends will comment on how talented you are. They will add instant beauty to a room and can add life to a room that has become boring to you. Coupled with the beauty of the decal, this professionalism adds a great deal to your decor.

Family Is Forever Vinyl Wall Decal kids


6. Easy to Apply: While installing your first wall decal may be a bit scary, it is really very easy. Hundreds of thousands of vinyl wall decals are installed every year by people not nearly as capable as you. Therefore, YOU CAN DO IT!

7. Great Value: Wall Decals are incredibly inexpensive for the amount of beauty they add to a room. A typical wall quote can be found for anywhere between $10 and $50 depending on size yet will last virtually forever.

8. Minimal Cleaning: Don’t you already dust enough? Intricate picture frames can collect a lot of dust and be hard to clean. Yet, a wall decal goes on flat and smooth. They require virtually no maintenance. They look great the day you install them and still look great years later. I have wall decals that have been up for almost 10 years now and still look perfect. So, they can make your life easier by not creating more work for you.

9. Daily Reminders: A well-placed wall decal can provide a daily reminder of whatever is important to you. For some, a favorite scripture verse helps keep them focused on their faith, for others a great motivational quote directs towards goals, and for others, a great drinking quote makes the perfect addition to the man cave. Consequently, they are personal reminders that say exactly what you want them to say.

10. Motivation: I can only speak for myself, but motivation can be hard to find some days. I suspect most need a little kick in the pants some days. My home office walls are littered with motivational quotes that help keep me going. Reading these quotes inspires me so I get more done. These are a few of my favorites.

Motivational Wall DecalVinyl Wall Sticker

11. Educational: One popular wall decal is simply the alphabet in upper and lower case letters. These are great for a classroom or a homeschooling area. A wall decal like this can be put up in a straight line or can be cut apart and put up in whatever design you create. Therefore, they silently educate the viewer every time they see them. A scripture quote can help someone memorize their favorite passage. A famous historical quote can help illustrate a topic.

12. Summarized Wisdom: A quote from a historical figure like Benjamin Franklin can often summarize much of their wisdom into a few meaningful words. This passes some of that wisdom forward to new audiences. So wall quotes often teach us a great deal.

13. Silently Shared: Wall Decals don’t just speak to the person who invests in it, they speak to everyone who sees it. It is very difficult to walk by a well-designed wall art and not read it when you are first exposed to it. Human nature demands that we read something that has been given a place of prominence in a home, office, or even gym. Your message gets shared every time a new person sees it.

14. Goal Reinforcement: Imagine having a favorite motivational quote on the wall right in front of the treadmill. Every time you are pushing yourself to a new level and the strength is fading and the desire to quit is creeping into your mind, there is that quote. It helps to awaken that fire within and pushes you to achieve that goal. Therefore, goals are more often met.


Motivational Decorative Vinyl Wall Decals ~ Pain


15. Helps you to Change: Got a bad habit? I certainly do. In fact, I have many. The right quote or reminder in the right place can really help me make the changes I need to make to replace those bad habits with new better ones. This is probably one of the better reasons to use decorative vinyl wall decals.

16. Offers Hope: Ever felt like you have hit rock bottom? My hand just shot up. I have been there many times in my life. It can be a dark place to be. Sometimes, that simple encouraging wall quote is just that little bit of encouragement that helps me through a day. This scripture wall decal of Jeremiah 29:11 is a favorite verse for offering hope. As a result of many wall decals, my spirits are lifted and I often have better days.


Jeremiah 29:11 Decorative Vinyl Wall Decal


17. Safe to Use: Decorative vinyl wall decals are safe for most surfaces. While it is possible they will cause minor damage when removing them, I have NEVER had a customer tell me they had a problem. If you want more information about the removability of your decals, check out this article on the subject by clicking here.

18. They Can Bring A Smile: Sometimes wall arts are just plain cute or funny. I am pretty sure I have never had a day when I smiled or laughed too much. A humorous wall art can add a smile to your day at random times. Here a few humorous wall decals that can often bring a smile.

Decorative Vinyl Wall Decals ~ Patience

19. Awesome Gifts: We all know many people that seem to have everything they need so it is hard to buy them a gift. Decorative vinyl wall decals (often called vinyl wall arts) are fabulous gifts that are tailored to the exact message you wish to send to them. From a love-themed wall art to a motivational one, the options are limitless and sure to bring a great deal of gratitude from the recipient.  Therefore scripture decals are great gifts for pastors, motivational decals are great for that workout enthusiast or the driven employee, and love themed wall decals are great for the special someone.


I Love The Smell of You Wall DecalLove Songs Vinyl Wall Decal



So, as you can see there are many different reasons to utilize decorative vinyl wall decals. This is exactly why so many people are purchasing them every day. The simplest reason that people love them is :

Decorative Vinyl Wall decals add value to their daily lives.

Each person finds that value differently. Some through motivation, others through encouragement, and still others through education or humor. How will you find your value in a vinyl wall art? I can’t answer that for you. However, I am very confident that you will find value in it and that once you put one up, you will want more for other places and for other reasons. Or perhaps, you will want to share your new favorite way to decorate with others through gifts.

I would love to hear your favorite reasons for using vinyl wall decals. Or, if you haven’t used them yet, what you may be thinking of using them for. Please share your thoughts, comments, and questions below in the comments section mostly because I just love to hear from you.

Ever wonder about the differences in vinyl wall decals?  Click here to understand why some wall decals are cheaper than others.




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  1. These quotes you can use to decorate your wall are great for motivation and to keep you focused. I think i may renovate my apartment one day and decorative vinyl wall decals will definitely be on the list of things to consider having.

    1. Hi Adam,

      Thanks so much for the comments. There are many creative uses for wall decals. The stairs is a great example.

      Thank you for visiting our site. We really appreciate that.


  2. Hi Kev!
    Excellent read! I see the value here, as words can empower the mind as mantra or magic. I would personally see this as help for self-discipline and bringing positive vibes.

    1. Words are very powerful. As an exercise warrior, I suspect you could see the value of some specific quotes on the walls of gyms or home workout spaces. They keep us focused and on track.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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