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11 Romantic Wall Quotes to Inspire Your Love

Romantic Wall Quotes

Would you agree that you could use a dash more romance in your life? Most people wholeheartedly agree even when they have amazing relationships. You see we all get caught up in our careers, our kids, our financial issues, our successes, our failures, or a million other things that distract us. Unfortunately, romance is one of those items that we easily get distracted from even though it is one of the most rewarding things we can do. Perhaps romantic wall quotes can help.

Romantic Wall Quotes add a touch of romantic inspiration to any room in your home. However, they are especially popular as bedroom wall decals. They speak directly to the heart of a romantic relationship and can inspire a more romantic life.

Take a look at some of these amazing romantic vinyl wall decals that may just be the perfect touch to add that romantic inspiration into your life. If you see the perfect one for your life, just click on it to see more information on it and where to purchase it.

Love Wall Art Quotes

Love You Then Romantic Love Wall Art

“Loved you then, Love you still, Always have, Always will.”

These wonderful romantic wall quotes speak to the consistency and permanence of a long-term loving relationship. Isn’t that truly what we all seek?

So many relationships come and go that they almost seem disposable in today’s world. While the newness of any relationship can feel exciting and romantic, many people are finding that string of relationships leaves them empty. They long for that true love that will last and endure forever.

This romantic wall decor speaks to that desire we all share to find that true lifelong love in what is becoming a disposable world. Adding this wall decal to your home sends a truly inspiring message.

Forever In Love Wall Art Quotes

This second wall decal speaks to the same desire for a true lifelong love that stands the test of time. It may just what you are looking for and may send the perfect message for your life.

One of my personal favorites is “You will forever be my always.”

You Will Forever, Love quotes for bedroom walls

It sort of doubles up on the whole long-term thing doesn’t it?

Romantic Wall Decals for Bedrooms

There are those moments in life when we are so spellbound by the person next to us that nothing else matters. Have you experienced that kiss that grabbed your soul so tightly that the world could have crumbled away and you wouldn’t have even noticed?

Once I am with you romantic wall decal

“Once I am with you, nobody else matters.”

This powerful romantic quote seems so simple; yet, it speaks volumes about a relationship. That feeling where you simply get lost in the eyes of that special someone doesn’t have to end. It takes work to keep a relationship strong and loving but it is worth every bit of effort. This wall art can really remind you of what is most important.

Romantic Wall Decor for Bedrooms

“And suddenly… all the love songs were about you.”

Oh, how true this can be. When we are in love, everything we encounter can remind us of that special person. We all know that song we have heard a thousand times and it never meant much to us. Then suddenly we hear that same song and all we can think of is that person who has our heart. Then, every love song becomes that person. Have you experienced this?

This is an amazing romantic wall quote that speaks to that wonderful feeling when we are simply lost in our love for someone.

Love Quotes for Bedroom Walls

Everyone has a different trigger that reminds them of different things. Scent can be a powerful reminder of many things such as family dinners at home or the feel of walking through the woods. It can also be a powerful reminder of love and romance.

I love the, love wall quote

“I love the smell of you on my clothes.”

For those people who tend to be a bit more scent oriented than others, this romantic quote will speak to you. I don’t fall into this category myself as scents don’t tend to trigger emotions in me but I know many people that do respond to them.

Other people are triggered more by sound than by scent. For those people, this romantic wall quote may be more applicable.

Your Voice Romantic Wall Decal

“Your voice is my favorite sound.”

There are so many songs I don’t know the words to until the tune comes on the radio. Then suddenly I know all the words like magic. That is a powerful response. It can be the same for some people with the sound of someone’s voice. I single word can stir such intense emotions that it can be overwhelming to some. This wall art is a great quote for those who fall into that category. Is that you?

Love Wall Quotes

One of the best things about finding that amazing relationship is the acceptance that comes with it. The world bombards us with messages and images of who we are “supposed” to be. Yet, those messages and images aren’t real. They are usually just a marketing company trying to sell a product. It is an amazing feeling to have that relationship that allows us to just be ourselves.  Some romantic wall quotes remind us of this.

Be Yourself Vinyl Wall Decal for bedrooms

“be yourself, i love you like that”

This can be a great romantic wall decal for bedrooms or any room in the house. It speaks to our simple desire to be fully accepted. Sometimes, the only place that can happen is at home with that one person who loves us above all else. It is there that we feel safest and most valued. It is a wonderful place to be.

Sometimes in that place, we feel like we just can’t adequately express our love for our partner. It seems that mere words aren’t enough. If you find yourself in position then just maybe these next wall stickers are for you.

How Many Times Vinyl Wall Quote

“No matter how many times I say I love you, I always love you more than that.”

It simply reminds our partner that we truly just can’t express how we feel sometimes. Another great romantic wall quote of this overwhelming feeling is

Romantic Wall Sticker A Hundred Heart

And last but not least, we wrap up today with the dream come true.

and they lived happily ever after romantic wall quotes

“…And they lived happily ever after.”

I think that is all any of us truly want. We spend so much time striving to obtain money, material things, success, etc that we lose sight that simple happiness is what we truly want. The best place to find that is with the person who makes you feel safe no matter what.

Other Romantic Wall Decor for Bedrooms

We really could go one for quite a while with great romantic wall quotes. There are countless ones to choose from. These ones I have shown you today have been some of the best-selling ones for many years. They speak almost universally.

Do you have a favorite? I would love to hear which one speaks the most to you. Or, if you have a different favorite, please share it. Just leave us a comment below.

Just click if you want to shop our entire collection of Romantic Wall Decor.




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  1. These are really adorable and you have chosen some wonderful quotes. I especially like “be yourself, I love you like that”

    I know that my brother went around his new house painting some inspirational quotes and it was labor intensive.

    I am guessing the vinyl decals are much simpler. Is there much wall prep involved? Is it possible to cut the decals and move some of the words around? I am just thinking of some of the ways that I can them in areas that need some decor but I cannot put a shelf or pictures. Thanks!!

    1. Great questions Irma,
      Yes these are not very labor intensive. They install in about 10 minutes. And yes, you can cut the words apart and do different designs. They are fun to wrap around mirrors or to weave through a wall of photos.

      And no there isn’t really any wall prep. It just needs to be free of loose dirt.

      Thanks for coming by,

  2. I love these and I love the idea of the wall quotes. I have several similar life quotes hanging up in my hall and staircase and they always get comments. I like the suggestions you have offered for the romantic ones but some of these you could use as general love notices as well.
    Have you found that they are easy to remove if you want to repaint the wall? I know some decorations are either too sticky and you can’t get them off, or not sticky enough and they fall off when you don’t want them too. What is your experience?

    1. Hi Gail,
      These are fairly easy to remove. I would say it takes ten minutes to remove most wall decals. The degree of stickiness is really a question of the type of surface they are adhered to. On walls, it really depends on the amount of wall texture and the type of paint. If you are simply repainting they are very easy to remove as you really don’t have to be careful. Sometimes they remove small pieces of paint but that is fine if you are repainting. Also, the longer the decals are up, the more they adhere to the wall.

      Thanks for stopping by our site.


  3. Hi Kevin, what can I say? You must be a very romantic person!

    You are absolutely right all relationships start out great and then we get caught up with our life challenges and romance gets put on the back burner.

    We need to put in the effort required for a long-term healthy relationship and romance.

    From my own experience I put in a lot of effort to be together with my gorgeous girl in the beginning, however, lately I have not been putting in much effort into the romance, (due to life challenges!), but your article has reminded me what is really important in my life.

    Thank you.

    1. That’s awesome Moni,

      I am very glad our site and articles have maybe spurred a little more romance into the world. Wall decals can do so much for such a little investment. Whether they motivate you, inspire you, focus you, or teach you they can be very valuable.

      Thanks so much for visiting our site.

  4. My favourite one is “I love the smell of you on my clothes”. I think that is the strongest sense when it comes to love…
    By the way, there is a wall near my house who has maybe like a hundred quotes on it. I think I saw the “Be yourself. I love you like that” on it!
    In any case, I like your quotes!

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